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Industry includes researches and develops of manufacturing products for medicine and house holding.

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Product lines by manufacturer

• Sagedusmuundurid• Soft Starters• Decentral Products• Power OptionsKõik tooted, mida see tootja
• Electromagnetic Flowmeters• Variable Area Flowmeters• Ultrasonic Flowmeters• Mass Flowmeters• Other Flowmeters and Controlers• Non-Contact Level Meters• Contact Level Meters• Other Level Meters• Temperature MeasurementKõik tooted, mida see tootja
• In-Line ViscometersKõik tooted, mida see tootja
• Plate Check Valves• Metal Seated Check Valves• Butterfly Valves• Ball Valves• Control ValvesKõik tooted, mida see tootja
• Metal SeparatorsKõik tooted, mida see tootja
• Torujuhtme armatuur• Pipeline Ancillaries• Special Equipment• ADCA PureKõik tooted, mida see tootja
• Industrial Pumps• Side Channel PumpsKõik tooted, mida see tootja

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