Pipeline Ancillaries

In order to guarantee the efficiency of a distribution system and fluid control, several accessories are required but often neglected. Valsteam Adca produces filters, sight glasses, vacuum breakers, drip traps for compressed air systems, air eliminators and several other ancillary items which are vital to the functioning of your installation.

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Compressed Air Float Traps

A fully automatic ball float trap extremely compact in dimension and light in weight, specially designed for draining water from compressed air lines.

FA Series


Designed for applications on aftercoolers, separators and compressed air mains.





Compressed Air Automatic Drain Valve

CAD consists of a solid-state timer coupled to a solenoid valve.



The CAD is specially designed for automatic draining of filters, separators, aftercoolers, dryers, receivers, drip legs and other compressed air system components where condensate and contaminants collect.





Air Eliminators

Air eliminator removes air from water systems. It is also suitable for non corrosive and/or dangerous liquids providing that their specific weight is not less than 0,75Kg/dm3.

AE Series


This ball float type automatic air eliminator can be used in combination with other air elimination and separation systems or directly applied at high points in the piping. Connections are female screwed or flanged for horizontal or vertical installation.





Vacuum Breaker

The VB 21 vacuum breakers are simple and reliable devices that automatically relieve or "break" an unwanted vacuum condition, restoring the atmospheric pressure.

VB 21


This device is particularly suitable for steam heated units of small and medium volume as heat exchangers, heating coils, calorifiers, jacketed kettles, steam boilers, etc.






Strainers are applicable to all types of steam, water, oil and air systems.

Y Strainers


Their purpose is to protect traps, regulating valves, piping, etc. from dirt which are often times the cause of damage and consequently energy loss of fluid systems.





T Strainers


Strainers are applicable to all types of steam, water, oil and air systems.





Sight Checker

Sight checker is a device to be used for visually checking the conditions and leakage of steam traps.



SCK sight checker functions as both sight glass and check valve.





SW and DW Series


Single/Double window SW sight glass for monitoring the right operation of a steam trap to avoid leakage of live steam and consequently big energy losses.





Noise Diffuser

All stainless steel noise diffusers spread out the high velocity discharge from steam or air traps while dampening the level of noise associated with steam or compressed air trap cycles.

DF 15


Do not install the diffuser in such a manner that it may cause an accidental exposure to the discharge.





Non-Return Valves

All non-return valves have a compact design and were specially designed for use with steam and hot condensate.

RT 25


Valve is designed for saturated steam, water and other gases compatible with the construction.





RD 40


Valve is designed for saturated steam, water and other gases compatible with the construction.





Globe Valve

Bronze in line stop valves, screwed type for use on steam, water, oil or air applications.

GV 32B


Valve has PTFE renewable disk. Connections are female screwed ISO7/1Rp(BS21).





Needle Valve

A high pressure needle stop valve, designed for steam and other industrial fluids isolation.

NV 400


Valve has complete stainless steel construction.





Pressure Gauges

MAN-100 pressure gauges have 100 mm diameter and are marked in bar.

MAN 100


Pressure gauges have connections - DN ½" bottom, back eccentric. Measuring range from -1 to 40 bar.





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