Range of products for clean steam and industrial gases and fluids, designed for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industry.

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Sanitary Tank Blanketing Regulators

Tank blanketing valves are commonly used in tank storage systems to prevent and protect against explosions, to control product contamination against external air that may fill the vapour space, to reduce evaporation losses, to reduce internal corrosion and to prevent vacuum condition.

BKR and BKV Series


The blanketing process consist in covering the stored medium, usually a liquid, with a gas (normally N2).





Sanitary Pressure Reducing Valves

The ADCA P-130 series pressure reducing valves, are designed for use on compressed air, water and other gases or liquids compatible with the materials of construction.

P and PS Series


Completely machined from barstock material, no castings or forgings used on the standard version.





Control Valves

Valves have been designed to assure an accurate control in any process condition. The self draining design is ideally suited to applications in clean steam service.

PV 928


The PV928 are two or three way control valves with angle connections, specially designed for food, chemical pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries among others.





PV 922 and PV 926


Control valves are single seated, two-way body constructed with angle connections. The PA pneumatic actuator is rubber diaphragm and multisprings.





Humidity Separators

When wet steam is used in sterilization, moisture in suspension reduces the heat transfer's efficiency and validity of the sterilization process can be compromised.

S 10


S 10 series centrifugal separators remove moisture from steam pipelines. Steam passing through the separator and as a result of centrifugal forces, impact and swirling effects, separate the particles with a heavier specific gravity, such as water droplets and moisture in suspension.





Sample Coolers

ADCA sample coolers are specially designed to cool samples of boiler water or steam for analysis.

SC 32P


Sample coolers prevent steam flashing-off from hot pressurized liquid samples, which can be dangerous and will result in an incorrect water sample.





Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Trap

All stainless steel thermostatic steam traps and air eliminators are specifically designed for use in reactors, sterilizers and distribution lines in clean and pure steam systems.

TSS Series


The small size makes it ideal for use with a wide variety of this equipment.





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