Fan Drives

Keep your system cool while optimizing engine energy efficiency. Comatrol's intelligent fan drive motors take you into an environmentally friendlier future.

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Fan Drives Solutions

Turoll is the most experienced in providing knowledge and support for fan drive solutions.

Electrohydraulic Fan Drives


The Turolla OpenCircuitGear electrohydraulic fan drive motors are fully PLUS +1 compliant for easy, seamless integration into electronic control systems.





Cast Iron Fan Motors

D Series cast iron motors perform consistently at high pressures and temperatures powering work functions in rugged off road applications. This result in greater productivity and better fuel efficiency along with reduced vehicle emissions.

D Series


Fan drives have high temperature seals and a dust resistant shaft seal protector to improve performance and help to extend operating life.





Aluminum Fan Motors

SGM2 and SGM3 motors are engineered to meet the cooling demands and emission requirements for off-highway equipment.

SGM2 and SGM3


Based on proven Turolla OpenCircuitGear high performance gear motors, they offer enhancements such as the cast iron rear cover on the aluminum housing for increased durability when operating at rated pressure up to 250 bar (3525 psi).





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