Guided Check Valves

To meet your selection criteria Socla offers 16 types of closing systems to cover the widest range of applications.

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01 System

The closing system of the 01 system series non return valves has been developed to meet the requirements of NF EN 13959 standard.

Type 601


Typical applications for housing, water distribution, heating and industry.





02 System

Valve with very wide range of applications. Prevents water hammering and has noiseless operation.

Type 462


Typical applications for water supply, water distribution, pumping and industry.





03 System

EA anti-pollution non-return valve. Typical applications for building, distribution, protection of drinking water networks.

Type 233


Anti-pollution non-return valve with excellent sealing at high as well as at low pressure. Incrustation resistant materials





TJ System

For clear water pumping systems with substantial flow, requiring large valves for supply systems, irrigation and industry.

Type 144


Cast iron closing system with profiled entry face and tripod axial guiding.





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