Control Valves

In regulation section Socla offers a wide range of control valves but also different air control devices (air valves, pulsairs, injectors).

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Pressure Reducing Valves

Controls and maintains a constant preset reduced downstream pressure regardless of variations in downstream demand or upstream pressure.



Valve reduces the pressure in networks of water distribution, irrigation or pump outlet.





Altitude Valves Float Operated

Controls the level of a tank. Maintains constant level by means of float tap regulation.



It prevents from overflowing and maintains a constant level in the tank thanks to a float.





Overpressure Protection, Discharge Valve

Installed for the protection against the excess of pressure.



It will keep open as long as an overpressure exists and will drain the excess water to a tank or low-pressure zone.





Air Valves

Triple function air valves for clear water. Ductile iron casing, PA 6 (polyamid) spindle, stainless steel drain cock, NBR (nitrile) drain cock seal, large orifice seal in polyurethane or NBR (DN100).

VE 320


Automatically and continuously relieves air and gases that accumulate in high points of installations.





Overpressure Protection

Safety valve to protect pipe systems from water hammering. Cast iron or C-steel cap, C-steel flange, polyurethane seal, steel spring.

AB 900


The mechanism consists of a spring which is adjustable to the correct weight to hold the valve firmly in place against the seat, keeping it watertight.






Option 1- Pressure gauges with purge taps (10 bar, 16 bar, 25 bar).

Option 1


SIA Inducont offers Option 1- Pressure gauges.





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