Butterfly Valves

Focusing on dedicated technologies and integrating the highest performing technical solutions is at the core of Socla strategy for butterfly valves, combining the competitiveness of a standard range, the reliability of our offer and the diversity of solutions to cover a wide range of specific needs.

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Sylax Series

From Sylax series company offers models: PCF, RM, CNPP/FM, Gas. Valves are design for applications in industrial processes, water treatment and gas networks.

Sylax PCF


High reliability of tightness and torque transmission in the long term. Typical applications for water distribution/supply and industrial.





Sylax RM


Designed for industrial processes and general services, water distribution and treatment, shipyards, etc. Dimensional complement of the Sylax range.







Typical applications for Sprinkle systems, special purposes such as lug type body, alu-bronze or stainless steel disk.





Sylax Gas


Butterfly valves for gas applications. Designed for domestic or industrial gas networks.





Tilis and Lucene

TILIS is designed for the food processing industry and the carrying of mildly corrosive media. LYCENE Butterfly valves are specifically designed for chemical media, food processing industries and pure water.



Available in wafer type and lug type. Most often used in chemical media, food processing industries and pure water.







For processes where hygiene is of the utmost importance, TILIS with PTFE coating (FDA approved), and EPDM liner, together with stainless steel 316 disc is highly recommended.





Emaris Butterfly Valve

The Emaris valve has been designed for industrial processes, chemicals, refrigeration, off-shore, district heating ans steam applications. It offers a rugged reliability and easy maintenance.

Emaris (High Performance)


Performances and reliability in industrial applications with strict conditions of use. It offers a rugged reliability and easy maintenance.





Pneumatics Actuators

Pneumatic actuations by a adjustable travel stop device. Operating temperature from -20°C to +90°C.

Pneumatics Actuators with Double Acting


Torques from 16 up to 1100 Nm. Flanges in accordance with EN ISO 5211, VDI/VDE 3845.





Socla Electric Actuators

Electric actuators on/off duty with modular position indicator and self regulated anti-condensation heaters.



Actuators have electronic torque limiter and declutching system for secured manual override. Working temperature from -10°C to +55°C.





Manual Actuation

Company offers the best solutions for tripping or seating a valving element by hand.



5 notched padlockable handlever made out of polyamide, an insulating and corrosion-proof material.





Spare Parts

Sihi offers high quality and long performance spare parts for various applications in industrial processes.



Patented balance discs increase operational safety while simultaneously reducing the power consumption of the pumps by means of small internal leakage currents.





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