Продукты Socla

Taking the environment into account in the design of products ("eco-conception") allows Socla to improve their ecological quality by limiting the consumption of natural resources and optimising impacts on the environment and on human health throughout a product's lifetime.

Socla products have four main functions:

  • Protection-Protection of drinking water networks against backflow of polluted water: backflow preventers, other protection systems, pressure reducers and water meters
  • Non-Return-A unique range of check and foot valves, from 15 to 800 mm, using up to 16 different closing systems
  • On/Off- Manual and Actuated Butterfly valves and ball valves
  • Regulation-A wide range of control valves, air control devices and a complete range of pressure reducers

Non-Return Valves

Non-return valves is designed for the protection of drinking water network against polluted backflow which has no recognized toxic or microbiological risks to human health.


Guided Check Valves

To meet your selection criteria Socla offers 16 types of closing systems to cover the widest range of applications.


Plate Check Valves

For pumping, water supply and industrial processes, Socla offers two types of plate check valves: single and double plate between flange.


Ball Check Valves

The closing system consists of a self-cleaning ball which is lifted by the fluid and guided to a lateral housing, completely out of the way.


Membrane Check Valves

On membrane check valves, the opening regulated by the elasticity and the thickness of the membrane is very progressive and can be obtained as a result of a few centimeters of W/C. Because of this, this check valve is particularly suitable for variable flow pumps and pulsating operation.


Metal Seated Check Valves

These valves have excellent performance at high pressure and temperature. They are easy to connect and have space-saving design.


Butterfly Valves

Focusing on dedicated technologies and integrating the highest performing technical solutions is at the core of Socla strategy for butterfly valves, combining the competitiveness of a standard range, the reliability of our offer and the diversity of solutions to cover a wide range of specific needs.


Ball Valves

Socla offers a range of ball valves particularly suitable for smaller sizes. In brass, cast iron or stainless steel, they can equip all types of installations from heating systems, home water installations to heavy duty industrial applications at high pressure and temperature.


Control Valves

In regulation section Socla offers a wide range of control valves but also different air control devices (air valves, pulsairs, injectors).