Mobile Electronics

Danfoss Power Solutions designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of electronic controls. Including microprocessor-based controllers (both generic type to control any mobile machinery and specialized to control speed variability of alternating current electric motors), intelligent displays, joysticks and electronic sensors through its electronic and mechatronic operations.

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PLUS +1 Microcontrollers

CAN-based PLUS +1 microcontrollers are the brains behind intelligent vehicle control.

MC012, 24, 38, 50, 88


CAN-based communications for state-of-the art control performance. Swiftly programmable to your specific requirements.





PLUS +1 I/O Modules

With Danfoss Power Solutions CAN-based Input/Output modules you can expand the capabilities of your vehicle control system. These stackable microcontroller add-ons integrate new control functions smoothly and effectively.

IOX012/24, IX012/24, OX12, OX024


You can use Danfoss Power Solutions I/O modules as the building blocks for almost any control function. Designed to extend the functionality of PLUS +1 microcontrollers, they can be configured to match your exact input and output requirements.






Here you can find the right accessories to help you on your way to efficient PLUS +1 programming.

PLUS +1 Application Development Starter Kit


PLUS +1 application starter kit is the easiest way to start developing intelligent PLUS+1 control systems for your application.





CG150 CAN/USB Gateway Interface Communicator


Serving as the gateway interface between PLUS +1 modules on the CAN network and a computer USB port, the CG150 is compatible with Bosch CAN standard 2.0 A & B (standard and extended data frames) and USB standard 1.1 & 2.0.





PLUS +1 Displays

Danfoss Power Solutions displays give a customized all-in-one overview of your vehicle's CAN-based network. Just what operators need for continuous monitoring, control and diagnostics.

DP600 LX Series


Newest color display provides optimal performance and flexibility for high-end applications.





DP600 Series


The DP600 series variants include several input options, dual CAN ports, USB Host and/or device option as well as an RS232 interface.





DP200 Series


This high-resolution monochrome series is a cost-effective alternative to analogue displays.





CCC102 Camera


Connect the CCC102 color camera to a DP600 series display.






A complete range of modular PLUS +1 compliant joysticks support intelligent mobile control solutions. Single and dual-axis configurations, multiple mechanical and electrical interface options. Danfoss Power Solutions joysticks are as versatile as they come.



The JS120 Joystick has been developed to meet the harsh operating requirements of today's mobile machine market.







The JS1000 joystick base is an element of the flexible, powerful, expandable and affordable joystick family of mobile machine management products.







The JS2000 dual axis fingertip joystick is an element of the flexible, powerful, expandable and affordable joystick family of mobile machine management products.






Danfoss Power Solutions temperature or pressure-detecting sensors link your machine functions to the control system. PLUS +1 compliance supports easy integration.

MBS 1250


The pressure transmitter converts measured pressure into a linear temperature-compensated output signal that is proportional to the transmitter supply voltage.





MBS 2250


The heavy-duty pressure transmitter with an integrated pulse-snubber is specially suited for hydraulic applications where cavitation, liquid hammer, or pressure peaks may occur.





Temperature Sensors


Danfoss Power Solutions supplies thermistor-type liquid and air temperature sensors. The resistance of the sensing element is a function of the measured process media temperature, where the relationship between measured temperature and sensing element resistance is non-linear.





Grade and Slope Control

With Danfoss Power Solutions portfolio of grade and slope products, you can meet specific standards for smoothness or simply optimize material control.

ACX 104B


A versatile control module applicable in a wide range of machine uses. In rotary position use, the sensor measures the relative height of the machine in relation to an external reference such as a stringline.





ACX 104C


Sensor is designed for use as a steering feedback sensor on mobile equipment with automatic steering control systems.





MCX 103A


Non-contact rotary position sensor serves as either a command or feedback source. The sensor is a non-contacting proportional hall chip which is ideal for the rugged off-highway environment.





MCX 103B,D


Sensor serves as either a command (when connected to a control handle, foot pedal, throttle, steering wheel, etc.) or feedback source.





Remote Setpoint


The MCQ 101 remote setpoint provides a grade or slope command to Danfoss Power Solutions rotary position and level controllers in off-highway construction applications, displaying the command via a battery-powered liquid crystal display (LCD).





DC Microsyn Level Sensor


Sensor electromagnetically measures the deviation of the sensor and its mount from a gravity reference. The reference is an oil damped pendulous mass having freedom of movement in one plane about a fixed center point.





CAN Microsyn Level Sensor


Sensor is designed for use as a component in mobile machine control systems that require a measurement of deviation from a gravity reference.





Ultrasonic Controller Sensor


Sensor has been developed to replace paddle or wand sensors. Both are non-contacting and therefore do not suffer from position or motion problems associated with standard mechanical sensors.





Foot Pedals

Designed with superior performance, durability and functional safety in mind operators are in complete control of the vehicle. Danfoss Power Solutions PLUS +1 compliant foot pedals provide robust solutions for controlling vehicles in harsh mobile equipment environments.

KEP series


The electronic foot pedal is used to drive vehicles equipped with hydrostatic transmissions and/or electronically controlled engines.





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