Domestic Heating Burners

Oilon offers a versatile range of burners for heating low-rise buildings and large properties. Select the desired burner based on the need for capacity and fuel to be used.

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Gas Burners

Oilon Junior Gas is a natural gas and liquid gas burner for heating detached houses.

G Series


It is the result of considerable product developing, combining Oilon's long-term experience and state-of-the-art technology. The key properties of the Junior Gas burner include reliability, high efficiency, low emissions and high serviceability.





Oil Burners

Comfortable and carefree for a sustainable heating solution compatible with future bio fuels as well as complementary sources of energy.



Burners in the Oilon-developed Oilpro range are made for heating detached houses. Compared to previous burners, they are more efficient and produce less emissions. In the development, particular attention has been paid to versatile adjustment possibilities, making it possible to adjust the burner even more accurately for various bio oils and other oils, now and in the future. Thanks to the excellent adjustment features, emissions and efficiency are also excellent.







There are three Junior Pro models (LJ20, LJ45, LJ50), depending on the size and capacity needs of the house. Junior Pro burners offer a high efficiency ratio and excellent combustion values. High blower pressure ensures that ignition takes place smoothly and certainly under all conditions.





Biopro Pellet Burners

The Biopro pellet burner is designed to burn pellets in a steady, economical and safe way.

Pellet Burners


The burner normally starts at low power. If the burner detects that the power is not sufficient, it automatically increases it. The burner feeds small amounts of pellets at a time, which ensures a steady burn and high efficiency.





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