Oilon produkcija

Oilon is a heating industry, environmental and energy range company manufacturing oil and gas burners and their accessories as well as ground source heat pumps. In addition to previous products company delivers heating devices according to new hybrid heating concept, like air-water heating pumps and solar energy collectors. Oilon sells and markets products worldwide.

Oilon produces oil, gas and dual fuel burners and combustion systems in capacity range 12 - 63 000 kW for:

  • Heating of houses and buildings
  • District heating plants
  • Vessels
  • Industrial processes
  • Elektrostacijas
  • Hazardous waste incineration plants
  • Ground source heat pumps

Mājsaimniecības apkures degļi

Oilon offers a versatile range of burners for heating low-rise buildings and large properties. Select the desired burner based on the need for capacity and fuel to be used.

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Industriālie degļi

Reliability from experience of several decades. Reliable and fully automatic industrial burners can burn all usual mineral oils and usual types of gas.

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