Ultrasonic Level Measurement and Controllers

The Shuttle delivers an optimal ratio between features, user-friendliness, reliability, quality and price. The Shuttle is available with a range of sensors for ranges up to 25 m, for explosion hazard applications, and with enhanced chemical resistance.

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Shuttle Level Transmitter

Use the Shuttle ultrasonic level transmitter for level measuring in tanks, wells, containerss, weirs, flumes, canals, etc.



Shuttle provides simple and logical operation, using advanced technology resulting in a high quality product at a competitive price.





Shuttle Sensors

The sensors is in moulded housing. The sensor is constructed with a 1" thread, for easy mounting.

Standard, Extended, Chemical


The ultrasonic sensor has a moulded piezo-electrical crystal which emits the ultrasonic pulse and receives the echo signal from the surface to be measured.





Pump Controllers

Pump controllers are used to control pumps or valves between adjustable levels. Functions for control, alarm, indication and flow calculation are selectable.

Pump Controller 704


Pump controller 704 is a microprocessor controlled unit used with either an ultrosonic sensor or a pressure transmitter. Pump controller 704 is designed to control up to four pumps or valves for inlet or outlet applications. Functions for control alarm, indication and flow calculation are selectable.





Pump Controller 701


A compact unit for level control of 1 pump and 1 alarm or for 2 pumps in alternating service. The Pump Controller 701 designed for DIN-rail mounting. The pump controller 701 is supplied either complete with sensor, cable bracket or as a separate unit.






Here you can find the right accessories for your Shuttle equipment.

Sensor Bracket


Sensor bracket, short and standard for e.g. shuttle ultrasonic sensors.





Shuttle Communicator Software


For configuration and settings of the Shuttle. Incl. FW, Interface (801219) and RS232 cable.





Shuttle Panel Frame


MJK's Shuttle panel frame fits the Shuttle level transmitter. This simplifies the through panel mounting and provides a nice finished look to the Shuttle level transmitter in the front or on the door of the panel.





Back Plate Shuttle Cabinet


Back plate Shuttle cabinet for pole mounting.





Sensor Cable


Ultrasonic sensor cable.





Connection Box


Connection box for ultrasonic sensors.





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