On-Off Level Measurement

MJK's On/Off level control and alarms, with float switches or electrodes, combine simplicity and durability. For On-Off Level Measurements the MJK product range offers the electrode control 501 and float switch 7030.

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Float Switch

Float switch belongs to a new generation of float switches where the mercury switches used previously have been replaced with up-to-date environmentally friendly materials.

Float Switch 7030


Float switches are often used environmentally sensitive engineered systems such as pumping stations and sewage plants, so it is very important that the switches do not contain mercury.





Electrode Control

The Electrode Control is a simple and low cost system for the control of level. The system includes a level relay for DIN-rail mounting combined with a range of different level electrodes.

Conductivity Level Switch 501


The Electrode Control 501 is used for the control of e.g. a pump or for detecting high or low levels and for a level alarm. A jumper bridge determines whether to registrate a high or low level.





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