Products from MJK

MJK is one of the leading manufactures of measuring and control equipment for treatment processes in drinking water, wastewater and industrial process water.Company is known for innovative, high quality products with long lifetimes.

MJK manufactures a complete line of measurement and control equipment including:

  • Level meters
  • Pump controllers
  • Flowmeters
  • pH, Redox (ORP) and temperature transmitters
  • Turbidity and suspended solid transmitters
  • Dissolved Oxygen transmitters
  • RTU units and SCADA software systems
  • Digital indicators, signal processors and isolation amplifiers
  • Surge and lightning protectors
  • Wastewater samplers

Ultrasonic Level Measurement and Controllers

The Shuttle delivers an optimal ratio between features, user-friendliness, reliability, quality and price. The Shuttle is available with a range of sensors for ranges up to 25 m, for explosion hazard applications, and with enhanced chemical resistance.


Hydrostatic Level Measurement

MJK offers dozens of models of submersible level transmitters for open tanks, wells, basins and reservoirs. Each has its own application-specific design and easily handles rough environments, heavily polluted water and aggressive liquids. Selected models are UL and Atex approved for use in explosive environments.


Flow Controllers with Level Electrodes

Controller is measuring the level in the well by means of base mounted or suspended level electrodes. The mounting height of the electrodes determines the start and stop levels for the pumps and the alarm level.


On-Off Level Measurement

MJK's On/Off level control and alarms, with float switches or electrodes, combine simplicity and durability. For On-Off Level Measurements the MJK product range offers the electrode control 501 and float switch 7030.


Flow Measurement (Prefabricated Flumes)

For measurement of flow in open systems MJK supplies prefabricated flumes. The flumes are manufactured in fibre glass, PVC or stainless steel. The flumes are ready for installation or moulding.


Ph, Redox & Temperature

PHix Compact is a pH and Redox transmitter designed for easy installation and maintenance with electrode, transmitter, and mounting in one unit, eliminating high impedance electrode connections and special hardware for mounting.


Digital Indicators

Digital indicators are used for indication of measured values. The indicators are supplied with LCD or LED display for panel or local mounting (IP 65). Calibration and adjustment are made on the back of the indicator.


Liquid Samplers

Liquid samplers are designed to take samples from lakes, rivers, sewage systems, pumping stations, etc. MJK Liquid Samplers use the pressure and vacuum sampling method. When the sampler receives the start signal from either the control panel or an external controller, the sample tube is pressurised to clear it of any residue from the previous sample.