Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Whether it's measuring cooling water and demineralized water in power plants, controlling dosing and mixing processes in the chemical industry or measuring liquid hydrocarbons in the oil and gas industry, you can put your absolute trust in KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters in any situation.

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Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Whether liquid or gaseous, aggressive or corrosive: KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters measure a wide range of media.

UFM 3030


UFM 3030 is a 3-beam ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids. UFM 3030 measures independent of conductivity, viscosity, temperature, density and pressure.





UFM 530 HT


UFM 530 HT is a dual beam ultrasonic flow meter for crudes and a broad range of refined products, that are processed under extreme conditions (high temperature / high pressure). UFM 530 HT is a combination of a UFS 500 HT flow sensor and a UFC 030 signal converter.





UFM 800


Efficient flow measurement and volume counting of all types of water and waste-water in closed pipelines or in open channels and raceways.







The OPTISONIC 6300 stands for continuity and long term reliability. Flow measurement can be done anywhere and start-up is immediate. The clamp-on flowmeter is a combination of one up to two OPTISONIC 6000 clamp-on sensor(s) and one UFC 300 ultrasonic signal converter.







The new OPTISONIC 6400 flowmeter combines mobile, straightforward and quick liquid measurement with the proven precision and reliability of KROHNE ultrasonic technology. Simply attach the sensor unit to the tube and connect the compact evaluation unit - now just read the results.







The OPTISONIC 7300 offers an ultrasonic measurement system dedicated for process gas flow applications. The OPTISONIC 7300 does not have the limitations that are usually associated with traditional gas flow meters like periodical recalibrations, maintenance, pressure loss and a limited flow range.







KROHNE's ALTOSONIC III offers decisive advantage over conventional, mechanical flowmeters in custody transfer metering applications. The absence of obstructions in the pipe and moving parts results in no wear and no pressure loss.







KROHNE's ALTOSONIC V has established itself as the standard in multibeam custody transfer flowmetering. The absence of obstructions or moving parts in the pipe, ensures no wear or pressure loss.







The unique chord arrangement of the ALTOSONIC V12 enables it to generate diagnostic data for places where traditional ultrasonic meters gathered too little information or none at all: at the pipe wall itself, in close proximity to the pipe wall or at the bottom of the pipe.





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