Temperature Measurement

With the OPTITEMP series, KROHNE always offers customers more than just temperature measuring devices. Depending on the type, KROHNE transmitters feature a variety of diagnostic functions allow users to address with a high degree of certainty such problems as low sensor isolation resistance, sensor break, sensor short-circuit or sensor drift.

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Overview Thermometers

A wide portfolio of standard pre-fitted thermometers for solid, liquid, gaseous and steaming mediums.



Whether it's reliable temperature measurement in steam pipelines at power plants or the exact determination of process temperatures in chemical plants, KROHNE thermometers are as versatile as the requirements and specific applications.





Overview Transmitters

Transmitters are developed, covering low to high-performance accuracy, fail-safe measuring that fits into all kinds of applications in the process industries.



Depending on the type, our transmitters feature a variety of diagnostic functions which allow users to address the following problems with a high degree of certainty: low sensor isolation resistance, sensor break, sensor short-circuit, sensor drift.





TTP x00 Temperature Sensors

All temperature sensors of this series feature a Pt100 chip as the sensor element.

TTP 200


Temperature sensor with stainless steel connection head.





TTP 300


Temperature sensor with M12 plug connector.





TTP 400


Temperature sensor with adjustable insertion depth and stainless steel connecting head.





TTP 500


Temperature sensor is used in processes, where no contact with product is desired.





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