Other Level Meters

A complete series of level switches for liquids and solids and mechanical level meters round out the KROHNE level portfolio. Even for challenging applications, e.g. at the highest temperatures and pressures, KROHNE offers corresponding customer-specific solutions.

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Ultrasonic meters

Ultrasonic sensors are especially suitable for level measurement of liquids, but are also good for solids.

OPTISOUND 3000 series


The application range covers liquids and solids in virtually all industries, especially in the water and sewage water treatment treatment.





Level switches

The rugged unit detects the limit in the silo independently of the properties of the bulk goods and reliably warns against overfilling.

OPTISWICH 3000 series


OPTISWITCH offers additional protection against overfilling the aggregate silo.





OPTISWITCH 4000, 5000


Level sensor that uses a vibrating fork for detecting level. It is designed for use in all liquids.





LS 6500, 6600


Hygienic level switches for level detection and dry-run protection for liquids and solids.





LS 7000 series


Level switches for liquids for level detection or dry -run protection.





Other Level Gauges

Operates on the potentiometric measuring principle.

BM 500


Is designed for use in all electrically conductive products with a minimum conductivity of 1 µS/cm.





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