Noslēdzošā un regulējošā armatūra

A valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid, gases, liquids, fluidized solids or slurries. Valves are technically pipe fittings, but are usually discussed as a separate category.

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Knife Gate Valves

Fergo Armaturen offers a wide range of knife gate valves for different applications and in different performance. Knife gate valves can be supplied with different pressure classes from PN6 up to PN100 with absolute tightness.

FB 100


The FB 100, as a bi-directional knife gate valve, is eminently suitable suitable for facilities with changing flow-directions. Two, in the housing incorporated, sealing lips make additional flat packings unneeded.





FM 200


The FM 200 is the most used Fergo knife gate valve. As an uni-directional gate valve it's perfect for handling with suspended solids. The FM 200 is available as wafer and lug version.





FL 300


The type FL 300, as a bi-directional flow-valve, is most used to control media with high consistency. These gate valve characterizes also by a through going gate plate.





FL 400


This knife gate valve - mining valve controls the flow of media in both directions. Through the use of two unique and full-lined seat rings, which simultaneously act as a flange sealing, this valve guarantees absolute protection against abrasive media.





FH 600 and FH 650


The FH 600 and FH 650 is an uni or bi-directional knife gate valve with full flange design and pressure seal bonnet. This valve can be used at high pressure levels up to PN100 with absolute tightness.







Type FC is an uni-directional rectangle gate lock valve/flat slide valve with a welded frame construction as wafer type in short dimension (dimensions free selectable).





FG 400


The FG 400 knife gate is an uni-directional wafer valve designed for industrial bulk handling service applications (powdered and granular products). The special funnel-shaped design of the body allows easy passage of the fluid and makes it ideal for use as silo outlet valve.





FL 500


Type FL 500 is a knife gate valve for highest demands and is perfectly suitable for heaviest use areas that depend on highest tightness in combination with extremely long maintenance intervals.





Pusapgrieziena vārsti

Butterfly valves are universally applicable. The variety of disposal material combinations facilitate the use in various areas of use, like waste water treatment plants, food and beverage, power and building technology. This valves can control the majority of all applications.

Soft-Seated Butterfly Valves


Valves are disposable with FDA or DVGW certification and are available as: wafer-butterfly valves, lug-butterfly valves and double flange-butterfly valves.





Flange Butterfly Valves


The flange-butterfly valve is a valve used to control the flow of fluids in pipelines. With this kind of valve the flow will be changed by a rotatable disc in the flow-cross section.





Chemistry Valves


This two-part butterfly valve is often used for chemical plants to handle aggressive media. For this purpose is PTFE for the seat ring and for the disc coating particularly well suited.





High Performance Butterfly Valves


High performance butterfly valves are suitable for sophisticated applications at most difficult conditions.





Lodveida ventīļi

Ball valves are absolutely suitable to control liquid media. By the use of the ball, which is inherited to each sleeve- and flange ball valve, the valve can be perfectly used at high pressures.

2-Way Socket Ball Valve


The 2-way-design controls according to scheme "line open/close". According to your requirements you can choose 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece ball valves.





3-Way Socket Ball Valve


The 3-way design can control the medium-flow into several pipelines. According to your requirements you can choose between L- or T-drilling.





2-Way Flange Ball Valve


The 2-way-design controls according to scheme "line open/close". According to your requirements you can choose 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece ball valves.





3-Way Flange Ball Valve


The 3-way design can control the medium-flow into several pipelines. According to your requirements you can choose between L or T-drilling.





Wafer Type Ball Valve


By request Wafer type ball valves can also be equipped with heating jackets.





Block Ball Valve


Block ball valves are very suitable to control liquid and gaseous media. Due to the integrated ball and the, out of one single block milled, extremely stable housing, this valve is made for highest pressures on small size ranges.





Trunnion Ball Valves


Fergo's trunnion-ball valves can be produced specificated to your customer request. Valves can be made of hastelloy and titan.





Special Construction


Certainly Fergo provide proper and compatible special constructions and further equipment for standard ball valves.





Globe Valves

Valves are commonly used to open and close the medium flow inside a pipeline. They are mainly suitable for inviscid media without solids.

Diaphragm Valve


Diaphragm valves are generally used to control a medium inside a pipeline. Especially for aggressive and/or viscous media (with solids) the use of a diaphragm valve is recommended.





Shut-Off Globe Valve


Highly recommended is the use of this valve for high temperature (up to 600°C), due to the fact that the valve disk and the metal valve seat make the use of conventional sealing materials unnecessary.





Bellow Globe Valve


In bellow globe valves the shaft, that lifts/lowers the valve disk, is covered with a stainless steel bellow. This gives and additional sealing and furthermore high protection against undesired leakage to the valve.





Vent Valves and Air Relief Valves


Vent valves and air relief valves are mainly used in silo structures or in water pipes. It's task is the pressure compensation inside a pipe or a container.





Foot Valves


Foot valves are generally used for withdrawal (pumps) of liquid media which could be polluted with undesired solids.





Safety Valves


The purpose of safety valves is to prevent a system and its components against excessive pressure increases.





Needle Valves


The use of a needle valve is highly recommended for subtle dosing at small size ranges, high temperature (up to 305°C) and high pressure (>100bar).





Float Valves


Float valves control fill-levels of inflow and outlet. If the fill-level in a container lowers, the float will also lower and open the valve by a a lever; so the medium can flow in.





Hose Pinch Valve


For media with unfavorable viscosity and, as the case may be with solids, its recommend the use of a hose pinch-valve.





Gate Valves

Gate valves are available in various versions. According to your demand you choose: round-type, oval-type or flat-type and the particular connection: flanged ends, threaded ends or welded ends. With Fergo's option for underground or direct buried installation you are able to control even underground installed valves right from the overground.

Wedge Gate Valves


Wedge gate valves are available in round-type, oval-type or flat-type with connection: flanged ends, threaded ends or welded ends.





Sleeve Gate Valves


Due to the solid structure and the full bore, sleeve gate valves are absolutely suitable for applications in which a flow-speed reduction or failure would be adversely, and high endurance at minimal susceptibility is needed.





Flat Gate Valves


This canal flat gate valve FK (penstock) can be fastened by dowel or set in concrete. It is available single or double spindled and can be produced three or four sided sealed. Fergo provides the canal flat gate valve also as a shut-off gate valve (sluice valve).





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