Metal Separators

Eriez designs and manufactures a broad range of metal separators to remove ferrous metals from dry and wet products gravity fed through pipes and chutes, loosely transported on conveyors and/or pumped through pipelines.

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Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separators

Suspended permanent magnetic separators are positioned over moving conveyor belts or in a chute for the purpose of removing ferrous contaminants from bulk product flows.

CP and OP


Eriez offers two permanent magnetic field configurations, CP and OP, providing different field strengths and depth of field.





Suspended Electromagnets

Electromagnets have automatic removal of tramp iron from material flows on belt conveyors or in chutes.

MC and SC


Eriez offers two types of electromagnets: MC (Manual Clean) and SC (Self Clean).





Magnetic Grates

Complete range of powerful permanent magnetic grates to protect against fine and tramp iron contamination found in dry and free-flowing materials.

Permanent Magnetic Grates


Magnetic grate is available in either rectangular, oval or round designs to fit any size or shape of hopper.





Plate Magnets

Powerful, dependable magnetic protection against the dangers of fine iron and tramp iron contamination.

Ferrite and Rare Earth Plate Magnets


Company offers Ferrite and Rare Earth permanent plate magnets.





Magnetic Traps

From magnetic traps Eriez Magnetics offers: stainless steel traps and ceramic traps.

Stainless Steel Traps


Permanent magnets for the removal of ferrous metal contamination from liquid lines.





Ceramic Traps


The Eriez Ceramic Magnetic Trap has been designed to optimise iron removal from ceramic slurries.






Powerful magnetic pulleys are used to automatically separate heavy tramp iron and fine iron contaminants from conveyor transported materials.

Magnetic Pulleys


They are ideal to help solve even the toughest iron separation problems involving high speeds, heavy burden depths and hard-to-separate materials.





Magnetic Sweepers

Designed for clean sweep removal of dangerous tramp iron from highways, airports, parking lots, terminals, warehouses, quarries, machine shops, factory aisles and parks.

Electro and Permanent


Eriez's electromagnetic and permanent magnetic road and floor sweepers are the fast, efficient, practical way to rid large surface areas of hazardous pieces of iron. In one quick sweep they prevent costly tire damage, reduce equipment downtime and eliminate many safety hazards.





Metal Separators

The pulseparator range of electronic metal separators removes both ferrous and non-ferrous metal contamination from gravity fed bulk materials.

Pulseparator Metal Separator


50 mm and 100 mm diameter aperture models are available, which will typically process 1000 Kg/hour to 4000 Kg/hour of granular material respectively.





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