High-Pressure Pumps

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps offer their unique water hydraulics product programme and other high pressure water solutions. The Danfoss High Pressure Pump product programme covers more than 40 patents. The Danfoss HPP range main focus is on many distinct solution areas with targeted products and expertise.

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High-pressure pump range based on the axial piston principle (5-9 pistons) enabling a very light and compact design. Very low pulsation and airborne noise.



The PAH pumps designed to supply water fl ow under high pressure. The pumps are based on the axial piston principle enabling a very light and compact design.







The PAHF pumps are especially designed for the high-pressure fi re extinguishing industry. It is dedicated for the water mist market for both land and marine applications.







High-pressure pump for technical water (DI/RO) water.







Cost-efficient APP high-pressure pumps function both as main pumps and as reversing pumps (motors) for energy recovery in seawater RO applications.






Danfoss offers a comprehensive stainless steel valve program for high pressure applications.



2/2-way solenoid valves, inline and integrated valve blocks.







2/2-way and 4/3-way directional valves.





VDM,VDHT and VDH 3/2


Application dedicated 3/2-way solenoid valve series for humidification and adiabatic cooling systems or other applications where anti-drip/unloading functions are essential.







The valve incorporates a conical poppet design, which ensures sealing with a low viscosity medium such as water.







Combined pressure relief and electrically on/off activated by-pass valve for power packs.







Relief valve for protecting systems against pressure peaks and for pressure control.







Throttle valves according to the needle controlled valve principle, optional with check valve.






The Power Packs may also be supplied in customer-specific versions to meet all kinds of individual requirements.

Water hydraulic power pack


Danfoss water hydraulic power pack is a compact and flexible supply unit.






Danfoss offers several accessories to facilitate designing complete systems.

Accessories for Systems


Danfoss offers accessories filters, cylinders, coolers, switches, transmitters, gauges, accumulators, pipes.





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