Power Options

Danfoss VLT Drives offers a range of external power options for use together with Danfoss drives in critical networks or applications.

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VLT Advanced Active Filter

An active shunt filter for harmonics and reactive current mitigation. The filter is designed for installation in various applications to compensate for single or multiple drive assemblies.

AAF 006


A flexible and adaptable solution for central or de-central harmonic mitigation.





VLT Advanced Harmonic Filter

Advanced harmonic filters not to be compared with traditional harmonic trap filters. The Danfoss harmonic filters have been specially designed to match the Danfoss frequency converters.

AHF 005 and AHF 010


Optimised harmonic performance with the VLT FC series up to 250 kW





VLT Power Option

Du/dt filters reduce the du/dt values on the motor terminal phase-to-phase voltage - an issue that is important for short motor cables.

MCC 102


Compared to sinewave filters, the du/dt filters have a cut-off frequency above the switching frequency.





Sine Wave Filters

Sine-wave output filters are low-pass filters that suppress the switching frequency component from the drive and smooth out the phase-to-phase output voltage of the drive to become sinusoidal. This reduces the motor insulation stress and bearing currents.

MCC 101


By supplying the motor with a sinusoidal voltage waveform, the switching acoustic noise from the motor is also eliminated.





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