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As a market leader in HIC design, Comatrol has built upon our engineering and application expertise to create a balanced offering with over 480 high quality catalog products including configurable cartridge valves and catalog HICs to meet your control solutions needs. The cartridge valve line consists of a strong portfolio of solenoid, proportional, mechanical, and cetop valves.

Comatrol specializes in custom HIC's allowing customers to use company's broad portfolio of cartridge valves to create innovative solutions for optimal machine control and performance. Comatrol provides pre-engineered customer solutions with catalog HIC's, including cross-port reliefs, dual counterbalance, motor mount and the new family of fan drive HIC's.

Cartridge Valves

Comatrol's compact, cost-effective cartridge valves combine easily to form almost any hydraulic circuit. Bringing directional, pressure or flow control to your vehicles' hydraulic systems, they point the way to unlimited design flexibility.

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Cetop/Subplate Valves

Sub-plate mounted valves give your application the benefit of electric on-off directional control with superb flow capability and spool flexibility.

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Hydraulic Integrated Circuits - HiC'S

Comatrol has been providing customers with pre-engineered solutions with broad portfolio of Catalog Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HIC'S). This product range includes Cross-Port Reliefs, Dual Counterbalance, Traction Manifolds, and latest family additions - Motor Mount HIC'S and Fan Drive HIC'S.

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