In-Line viskozitātes mērierīces

For In-line viscosity measurement and control, Brookfield rotational viscometers provide accurate and repeatable data, which correlates to laboratory tests if necessary.

Lai iegūtu vairāk informācijas, veiciet nospiedienu uz attēla vai produkta virsraksta. Detalizētu informāciju par izvēlēto produktu jūs varat iegūt, lejupielādējot tehniskās dokumentācijas failu.


Viscometer is a user-friendly process viscosity control system that requires little operator involvement. Ari Armaturen offers several types of viscometers: process, pneumatic, electric and capillary.



In-Line Viscometer is designed to provide years of trouble-free service in closed loop systems which require constant monitoring and associated control of product viscosity.







The viscometer is flange mounted for use on mixing, blending, storage tanks or in pipe lines using a "T" fitting. The viscosity measurement range and operating shear rate are designed with Brookfield's assistance to suit specific applications such as the 511 sec-1 required by the API standards.







The process viscometer is intended for open tank applications (5-20 gallon, 20-75 liters) requiring constant viscosity monitoring and or control. The TT-220 is often used in coatings or printing applications.







Process viscometer is a user-friendly process viscosity control system that requires little operator involvement. While optimizing the product quality through automatic control options it helps reduce production and operating costs.







The Viscosel is a pneumatic viscosity indicator for inexpensive viscosity control in explosion proof environments.







The electric viscosel includes viscosity indication and control in one complete package and is widely used on line in the printing and coatings industries for automatic addition of solvents.







Viscometer is a user-friendly capillary viscometer which operates excellent in rough process environments, on downgraded set-ups at pilot plants, as well as under semi-laboratory conditions.







The AST-100 is a versatile instrument that is excellent for customers who are looking for viscosity control (i.e. maintaining the viscosity of the product) in their process more than the measurement of an exact number.





Accessories for AST Series

Brookfield offers single and multi station controllers for AST-100.



Single station controller station for AST-100.







Multi station controller station for AST-100.





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