BONO Sistemi

BONO Sistemi, summarizing the experiences developed by the individual companies of Cannon Group in developing their own plant design, engineering and construction technologies over the years, is currently active in energy & ecology projects as well as in plastics industry production plants, chemicals blending and storage systems.

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Biomass Types

The BONO Sistemi biomass fuelled plant is the heart of an energy system able to generate pure heat for industrial processes, district heating for small and medium communities, and electrical power if coupled to power generators such as steam engines and turbines, or other devices.

CHP Plant


When the two purposes are jointed we then talk about CHP plant (Combined Heat and Power plants). Thanks to consolidated experience in the energy field BONO Sistemi engineering is able to study and design full turn-key plants starting from the greenfield.





Water Tube

BONO water tube steam generator configuration allows to achieve these important results: high efficiency (84-85%), reduced fouling, high availability (7500-7800 hours/year), simple inspection and maintenance, low thermal inertia for quicker cooling down and heating up of boiler, reduced CO and NOx emissions.

BioSteam SH, BioSteam Sat


Combustion chamber made of membrane water tube walls protected by a refractory liner against corrosion, erosion and severe high temperature environment.





Thermal Oil Generator

The BONO patented parallelepiped heater has been designed to assure extended exchange surfaces, to assure uniform thermal oil circulation and to prevent tubes from clogging, granting high efficiency reliability and availability.



The parallelepiped heater is complete with fouling cleaning system by means of sooth blower. Package heater configurations ready to be placed on combustion chamber.





Combustion Technology

The Reciprocating Grate is state of the art combustion technology suitable for any kind of biomass ranging from: high moisture content one, as for dump wood waste or virgin wood, biomass mixture, dusty biomass, as for olive residues, low specific gravity ones, as for rice husk.

Reciprocating Grate


The biomass is processed on a "walking inclined floor", with alternative fixed and movable rows, divided in 3 or 4 zones respectively for drying, combustion and burn out of the fuel.





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