BONO Energia

The Industrial Boiler Division of BONO Energia is devoted to the design, manufacturing, marketing and service of fire tube steam boilers, thermal fluid heaters, evaporators, flash steam generators for industrial and naval applications, package water tube boilers.

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Hot Water Heaters

BONO Energia's hot water heaters have found their main application within district heating and industrial processes where hot water (more then then 120°C) is required.



Bono Energia offers two different solutions - fire tube design: up to 14 MW (SM - ASA, SG - ASA) and water tube design: up to 60 MW (CTH).





Water Tube Steam Generators

Clajtub water tube type steam generators (CT series) are the result of over 40 years experience of BONO Energia in industrial, petrochemical and power generation applications.



These generators guarantee the highest operating features, thanks to BONO Energia's experience in heat transfer, welding technology and pressure vessel calculations.





Fire Tube Steam Boilers

Due to their efficiency and reliability, more then 10,000 industrial boilers and thermal plants are word wide installed in a wide range of industrial processes and heating applications.



Thermal and combustion efficiency is achieved using high performing burning system and advanced combustion and emission control/monitoring system supplied according to client's standard. Company also provides their own control system Optispark.





Hot Oil Heaters

Since 1962 BONO Energia is a reliable partner for the supply of thermal fluid heaters for direct heating of process fluids, esteemed by more than 4000 worldwide customers in many industries.



BONO Energia supports customers during the placement, installation, commissioning and start up of the plant. The service provides emergency response and availability of spare parts furthermore it offers maintenance programs to maintain performance over time, to adapt continuously the performance to the needs of production and to comply with environmental regulations.





Flash Coil Boilers

Steam generators of the UM (Uni Matic) series, available both in vertical and horizontal version, guarantee a steam production range between 300 and 3000 kg/h with a design pressure up to 12 bar (higher on request). The instantaneous production means that steam starts being produced 2 - 3 minutes after the ignition of the burner.

UM Series


UM generators are supplied as packaged units, complete with all necessary equipment and ready to be connected to site utilities. Air preheaters can be purchased as an option to the steam generator, thus enabling the boiler to increase its efficiency by 2%, therefore reaching 92%.





Waste Heat Recovery

BONO Energia's range of waste heat recovery steam generators are used for steam production or energy generation utilising the waste heat from gas turbines, medium speed diesel engines or recovering the waste heat of some industrial processes.



Bono Energia can provide cost effective and reliable heat recovery boilers for combustion turbines from 3 to 20 Mwe. Bono Energia has a broad experience in heat and power systems, and is able to offer the best engineered solution for every application.





Boiler Control System

BONO Energia offers Optispark - the industrial boilers management and control automatic system.

BONO Optispark


The system is applicable to all types of boilers, new or already operating, is suitable for any burner and is interfaceable with any external system. User interface is touch screen and two different sizes are available (5.7" and 10.4").






One of BONO Energia's last achievements is the supply of a high efficiency (97%) 170 ton/h water tube boiler fired by four burners fuelled with natural gas to one of the foremost producer of sugar and ethanol in France with plants located all over the world.

Superheated Steam


The superheated steam, produced at 50 bar at a temperature of 425°C, will feed a steam turbine for the production of electricity that will run sugar refinery and distilling processes that being continuous (they work no-stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year), need the steam generator to be very reliable.





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