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Artes designs and manufactures industrial water treatment systems on a turn-key basis. Throughout more than 40 years of BONO experience in water applications, Artes is fully able to support customers for both process and waste water needs.

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Boiler Feedwater Degassing

Water when in equilibrium with the atmosphere contain significant levels of gases, mainly carbon dioxide and oxygen. In several industrial applications the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide must be reduced to negligible levels either for process purposes or to prevent boilers and pipelines from severe corrosion.



The thermo-physical deaeration process is by far the most applied technology in the Boiler Feedwater Degassing when a reduction of oxygen to only a few parts per billion is required. Dissolved gases are removed by steam stripping, and the steam is moreover employed as heating medium because of the reduced solubility of gases at higher temperature.





Cooling Water Filtration

Water is by far the preferred cooling medium because of its chemical-physical properties. In particular when evaporative cooling towers are used, water is regularly added (Make-Up) to compensate the losses due to the evaporation in the cooling tower and the losses from the circuit to keep the chemical-physical characteristics of the circulating water within an acceptable range of conductivity, dissolved salts, hardness.

Filtration of Make-up and Side-streams


In the purification of make-up water the target is to reduce to the maximum possible extent the presence of suspended solids due to the incoming well or surface water. Moreover in evaporative cooling towers the circulating water is contaminated by impurities due to the atmospheric air (air-borne dust). Therefore, filtration of a partial stream of circulating water (Side Stream) is necessary to reduce the content of suspended solids and as a consequence the purging stream.





Condensate Polishing

Condensate polishing is employed to purify the return steam condensate in order to meet the quality requirements of high pressure thermal cycles and minimise consumption of make-up water.

Types of impurities


The Condensate Polishing is concerned with three specific types of impurities.






Demineralization is concerned with the removal of all dissolved mineral matter from water.

Demineralization Plants


Designing a vast range of plants and from answering the most varied problems in all industrial sectors, BONO demineralization plants have made the norm in the evolution of water treatment.





Effluent Treatment

Effluent treatment plants in all Industrial installations are critical systems for their economy and efficiency. This is particularly true for industrial processes where water is directly involved as a process fluid.

Effluent Treatment Plants


BONO Artes can provide its customers with its long term experience in effluent treatment systems.





Drinking Water & Sanitary Water Treatment

Even though mainly focused on industrial applications, ARTES Ingegneria has developed a long-term experience in designing and supplying package-type Sanitary Water Treatment (ARTES' proprietary BIOCLAR process) and Drinking Water makers that find wide use in communities not directly linked to potable water and sewerage networks.



The BIOCLAR biological treatment package is widely used in several industrial sites where waste water can be easily assimilated to urban sewage.





Produced Water & Injection Water Treatment

ARTES Ingegneria (BONO Artes) is able to provide design, manufacturing and commissioning of a full range of products that could set the "state-of-the-art" solution in "Produced Water" & "Injection Water" treatment.

ARTES Ingegneria


The natural destination of Produced Water is injection back as "flooding water" into the reservoir in order to "move" oil toward the extraction hole, this is normally done below the oil layer into the "formation" rocks. Since the rocks are highly porous the Produced Water to be injected must be free from solids, oil and scaling salts to avoid "plugging" of the "formation" rocks. The residual life of an oil reservoir is strictly related to the "size" of the solids particles still present in the injection water.





Desalination & Raw Water Treatment

ARTES can provide its Customers with its long term experience in Water Treatment systems. In detail specific solutions have been developed for the following applications: Well water treatment, Surface water treatment, Sea water treatment & Desalination.

Well Water Treatment


Well water treatment is by far the most commonly used source of water for most civil and industrial applications where there is large availability of water in aquifers at low depth from the ground level.





Surface Water Treatment


Treatment of surface water consist of a sequence of different stages.





Sea Water Treatment & Desalination


Sea water treatment & desalination is implemented when there is limited availability of well and surface water. This is particularly true in desert areas or when the available surface water is of extremely poor quality .





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