Products from BONO Energia

BONO philosophy, summarized in the binomial Energy & Ecology, is based on the firm belief that the industrial service offered must not only be mutually beneficial for supplier and customer, but also for their staff, the environment and the community as a whole.

Customers can, as a consequence, take advantage of the behavior of BONO acting at the same time as a supplier of state-of-the-art equipment at competitive prices and as a skilled consultant concerned of both technological problems and relevant environmental and social aspects.

This principle, as a background of all BONO activities, is regularly applied in supplying a wide range of equipment and systems to a wide range of very different industries including chemicals, pharmaceutics, oil & gas, paper, wood, textiles, laundries, plastics, food & drinks, district heating & cogeneration, engineering & main crontactors.

BONO Artes

Artes designs and manufactures industrial water treatment systems on a turn-key basis. Throughout more than 40 years of BONO experience in water applications, Artes is fully able to support customers for both process and waste water needs.


BONO Energia

The Industrial Boiler Division of BONO Energia is devoted to the design, manufacturing, marketing and service of fire tube steam boilers, thermal fluid heaters, evaporators, flash steam generators for industrial and naval applications, package water tube boilers.


BONO Sistemi

BONO Sistemi, summarizing the experiences developed by the individual companies of Cannon Group in developing their own plant design, engineering and construction technologies over the years, is currently active in energy & ecology projects as well as in plastics industry production plants, chemicals blending and storage systems.